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From Start to desktop to touch, it's never been easier

With Windows 8.1, you can start from the desktop you've always known or the modern Start screen with apps as Live Tiles. You can use touch, your mouse or the keyboard – whatever's easier. And you can use the accessories you want because Windows is compatible with nearly all of them. Plus, you can search your PC, the web, the cloud and apps at the same time with Bing Smart Search. Just access the Search charm from the right side of your screen.


  • A beautiful new Start screen with live tiles, plus the familiar desktop and Start button.
  • Designed for touch, mouse, and keyboard.
  • Great built-in apps like Mail, Calendar, Photos, and Skype, with many more available from the Windows Store.
  • Built-in cloud storage with OneDrive for easy access to your pictures, files, and settings.
  • Includes Internet Explorer 11 for faster, more secure web browsing.
  • Keeps you up to date and more secure with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Windows Update.

Legal Note:OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versions offer the buyer the huge advantage of purchasing the same software at a significantly lower price. In Germany, the purchase, distribution and use of OEM versions is completely legal. In other words, trading of OEM versions even without hardware is legally permitted.

The Federal Court ruling allowed the sale of OEM versions and DSP versions without associated hardware.

As a result of this ruling, you may install and use this version on any computer. This is documented in the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of 06.07.2000 - I ZR 244/97, and states: In the judgment of 6 July 2000 ruled the Federal High Court (BGH) that the exhaustion principle can not be undermined by license provisions of the manufacturers (Az I ZR 244/97 - OEM Decision - Judgment in GRUR 2001, 153).

At that time Developer complained against the resale of so-called OEM software, which was contractually tied to new hardware at the time of sale, but had been brought into isolation by the intermediate dealer. The lawsuit was dismissed. The BGH stated in its judgment that the retransmission is free due to the exhaustion of the copyright distribution right.

The specified brand is copyrighted and is used here only for product description.

You are in the right place! Please try to compare the prices prior to any purchase, to secure the best offer. Before you download Windows 8.1 OEM Key, you have to redeem it first! Follow the instruction and put the CD Key in the right place. Please note, most codes are case sensitive.
Windows 8.1 OEM Key is available on , so you can easily find the Activation tab where provided more details about redemption code. Please note, Windows 8.1 OEM Key has region-locked can only be activated on specified country(-es): Region free, or if you have your own VPN client. Go, get a bargain! Subscription codes are often sold more expensive than their value. This token will fill up your account with . The subscription coupon is an excellent idea for a gift! Your friend will be happy to use it for buy any games on , especially that often of them have a discount! You can now top up your account on without leaving home. You can activate CD Key any time and extend your games library now!
EVE Online ISK Tranquility
  • English
Region free
Score :
69 on Metacritic
base game
  • warning1243
Requirements PC
CPU speed:
~1 Ghz
Can I buy Windows 8.1 OEM Key for a friend in another country? code should be easy to send, but what about potential regional locks?
Worldwide game downloads. If you have Internet access(for redemption and download), you can use the code .
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Is this the entire game or do I need to buy another program to run it?
It is the full game. Extra content would be called an "expansion pack", a "game pack" or a "stuff pack".
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Does Windows 8.1 OEM Key have English subtitles/text support?
Yes, Windows 8.1 OEM Key does support English language.
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Can my Mac run Windows 8.1 OEM Key?
No. Windows 8.1 OEM Key will run on PC with the Windows system, but not the MAC system. If you have boot-camp on your Mac, you can use it when you boot to Windows.
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I have no Internet at my house. Can I play Windows 8.1 OEM Key game without it?
To play the game, it is necessary to download and log into , a Other game platform. Other DRM programs work in a similar way. However, has an offline mode that you can use if you don't have a consistent Internet connection. Initially, you will need Internet access to register the game.
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Can I play Windows 8.1 OEM Key without a virtual reality set (VR)?
VR is NOT needed in order to play Windows 8.1 OEM Key.
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Can I download Windows 8.1 OEM Key to more than one Other or laptop?
You need download or install to your new Other and download Windows 8.1 OEM Key. You need to have previously activated the code.
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Concerning the digital codes, what happens if I formatted the HDD/SSD or get a new one? Can I re-download Windows 8.1 OEM Key from ? Will there be any problems?
After re-formatting, your library will still have the game as soon as you log into your account.
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Is Windows 8.1 OEM Key a CD/DVD for Other?
You don't need a CD drive to play the game. Download Windows 8.1 OEM Key on and register the game in order to play it.
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Is this game for Xbox 360?
No, Windows 8.1 OEM Key is a game distributed on .
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Is this game for Xbox One?
No, Windows 8.1 OEM Key is a game distributed on Other.
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Is Windows 8.1 OEM Key the newest version of the game?
You will recieve the newest version of the game as long as you do not already own it.
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Do you send the code immediately?
Yes, you will recieve the game code immediately.
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Can I give the code to a friend as a gift?
Yes, you just need to give someone the code.
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Can I play it on tablet, or is it Other only?
This is not a tablet (Android) game.
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What if the code does not work on client?
Log in to your account and use the Start Dispute option to explain the problem.
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