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Region: GLOBAL

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Languages: South Korea japan portugal Italian russia Spanish French German English

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A story like in the best Hollywood movie

The story presented in the Quantum Break is going to take you on a very wild ride. The U.S. Riverpoint University is researching time travels. During one of the experiments an accident happened, which resulted with appearance of various anomalies. Because of these anomalies, the World started to shatter. Because of the accident, Jack Joyce and Paul Serene gained ability to manipulate space and time. You are Jack Joyce, together with your brother (who was actually responsible for creation of the time machine used in the experiment) you're trying to stop Paul Serene.

Unfortunately for you, Paul believes that the World is already doomed and he is planning to save only selected few. This story is going to provide you with great narrative experience, where action gameplay is mixed with movie scenes with real actors. In other words Quantum Break is not only a game. It is also an action movie prepared for your enjoyment. Furthermore, it is also an important tool for the story. In game you're controlling Jack Joyce but movie cutscenes are telling the story from Serenes point of view. Thanks to this you'll be able to see the situation from much broader perspective.

Interesting and dynamically changing levels

Quantum Break is mostly a third person action game with a lot of shooting. However, because of the fact that World was shattering, Quantum Break provides you with crazy level design. You're going to see buildings falling apart, items disappearing and appearing out of nowhere etc. Because of that you're going to be forced to constantly search for alternative paths. You cannot be sure what exactly is going to happen next. After all, scientists damaged the fabric of universe itself. You simply need to be ready for problems.

Utilize your new found powers to survive

Luckily for you, you're not doomed in this battle. Because of this weird experiment and the accident which followed it, resulted with you gaining immense powers. Now you are able to control and manipulate space and time (in a small degree). In Quantum Break you're going to utilize these powers quite a lot in order to survive. There are quite a few of powers you can use.

You can for example slow the time or make it flow faster if you need. You can also create and throw small bubbles inside of which time is stopped. Not only you need to use these abilities during the battle but also to solve various small puzzles. You have great power so use them to win in this hard battle against not only Paul, but also against the universe itself. Are you ready to start your battle?


  • Korea, South
  • 16
Remedy Entertainment
Requirements PC
  • Windows 7
  • 64
INTEL processor:
  • INTEL Core i5-4460
AMD processor:
  • AMD FX-6300
CPU speed:
2.7 Ghz
nVidia Graphics
nVidia GeForce GTX760
AMD Graphics:
AMD Radeon R7 260
Disk space:
min. 68 GB