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Purrfect Date is a cross between a visual novel, dating sim, and dark British comedy. You, a human, will get to date cats and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Cat Island. Choose your own adventure as you romance the talking cats, balance your stats and carry out your research into the dark and questionable history of the Island.

Drawing inspiration from trailblazing games such as Undertale, Dream Daddy, Hatoful Boyfriend, and Pony Island, there'll be lots of twists, turns and alternate playthroughs to keep you replaying.


Throughout the game’s seven chapters, you will be playing as multiple scientific researchers, on a quest to analyse and understand the flora, fauna, and felines of a very unusual island - Cat Island - an island almost exclusively inhabited by Cats. As you investigate and assess the Island locals, you begin to realise there is more to these cute kitties than meets the eye.


  • 666 - 6 chapters, 6 playable humans and 6 dateable cats.
  • Final Chapter - A final, 7th chapter, based on the decisions, choices and consequences of your 6 previous characters and chapters.
  • A long tail - With more words than Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Purrfect Date contains more than 10 hours of Gameplay (Based on the average reading speed of 200 words per minute).
  • Manage your Research, Recon, Romance and Stress levels - It's up to you to diligently juggle your stats while maintaining a flourishing professional and romantic life.
  • Curiosity killed the cat - Multiple endings, paths, hidden stories and side adventures.
  • Localised in as many as 1 whole language - English.
  • Steam Achievements and Cloud Saving.
  • Meowsic and Programming by OliverAge24 - Musician, turned YouTuber, turned GameDev, this is Oliver’s debut game.
  • Written by Ruby-Mae Roberts - Ruby loves cats. Her mum, Charon, also helped write the game.
  • Pawesome Artwork by Dan Lish - He’s worked on games such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Serious Sam and DJ Hero, with companies such as Lucas Arts, Rockstar Games and Sony, and on loads more projects, including comics, album art and graffiti.

You are in the right place! Please try to compare the prices prior to any purchase, to secure the best offer. Before you download Purrfect Date Steam, you have to redeem it first! Follow the instruction and put the CD Key in the right place. Please note, most codes are case sensitive.
Purrfect Date Steam is available on Steam, so you can easily find the Activation tab where provided more details about redemption code. Important note: You will have to install the Steam client, to organize your game library. Please note, Purrfect Date Steam has region-locked can only be activated on specified country(-es): Region free, or if you have your own VPN client. Go, get a bargain! Subscription codes are often sold more expensive than their value. This token will fill up your account with . The subscription coupon is an excellent idea for a gift! Your friend will be happy to use it for buy any games on Steam, especially that often of them have a discount! You can now top up your account on Steam without leaving home. You can activate CD Key any time and extend your games library now!
Purrfect Date
  • English
Region free
base game
Requirements PC
  • Windows 7
INTEL processor:
INTEL Core 2 Duo T7300
AMD processor:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-55
nVidia Graphics :
nVidia GeForce GT 520
AMD Graphics:
AMD Radeon 3000
INTEL Graphics:
INTEL HD Graphics 3000
min. 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive:
min. 1 GB
Steam Codes Activation
  • 01

    Download and Start the STEAM Application (not Website).

    Steam download the application

  • 02

    Click on the + (or menu Game) and: Add a Game/Activate a Product on Steam (bottom left corner or menu Games) to activate the product on STEAM.

    Activate a Product on Steam

  • 03

    Click on the Next button, and on the I Agree button to move to the next step.

    Activate a Product on Steam

  • 04

    Copy and paste this code on the Product Activation Window or visit website:

    Product activation Steam

  • 05

    Click the Finish button and from the Library install the Game (it will appear on your application) For more help visit this

No Steam account yet?
  • 01

    To have a Steam account, you need to register on this website:

    Steam download the application
  • 02

    Click Download and install the Steam client. Wait for the installation process to complete.

  • 03

    Now, open the Steam client. Click "Add a game" and press the Activate a product on Steam to enable your activation keys on Steam.

    Activate a Product on Steam
  • 04

    You can now have fun with your game. For more support visit:

If I am buying the game for digital download, will Purrfect Date code be applicable even for users outside Egypt or is this for Algeria only?
This is a Region Free game.
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Is this the entire game or do I need to buy another program to run it?
It is the full game. Extra content would be called an "expansion pack", a "game pack" or a "stuff pack".
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Does Purrfect Date have English subtitles/text support?
Yes, Purrfect Date does support English language.
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Is Purrfect Date available on Steam?
Yes, you can purchase and add Purrfect Date to your library on Steam if you have an account.
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Is Purrfect Date available on EA Origin?
No, it is a Steam distribution only.
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Can I add Purrfect Date to Steam please? Will it give me any difficulties?
It is a Steam distribution. I don't see any difficulties on Steam.
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Can I Purrfect Date play on Windows 7?
Yes, Purrfect Date will works on a PC with Windows 7.
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Does Purrfect Date work on Windows Vista? Is it compatible with older versions of Windows?
Not sure, it Purrfect Date might not work properly on a PC system with Windows Vista.
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Will Purrfect Date run on Windows XP? Is it compatible with older versions of Windows?
You should use a PC system with a later Windows 7 instead of using Windows XP.
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Can my Mac run Purrfect Date?
No. Purrfect Date will run on PC with the Windows system, but not the MAC system. If you have boot-camp on your Mac, you can use it when you boot to Windows.
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Will Purrfect Date work on a computer running Linux?
No. The Linux system does not support Purrfect Date. However, you can use a PC with the Windows system to play Purrfect Date or you can try to install SteamOS.
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Which graphics cards and driver versions are supported by Purrfect Date?
You need at least Nvidia GeForce GT 520 or AMD 3000,or Intel HD Graphics 3000, assuming you own a specific graphic card.
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How much storage does Purrfect Date need? I'm worried about my disk space. Does it make sense to buy the physical copy, or does all the required software (Steam, DirectX, etc.) make this idea obsolete?
You will need a minimum of 1 GB storage space on your hard drive in order to play Purrfect Date.
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I have no Internet at my house. Can I play Purrfect Date game without it?
To play the game, it is necessary to download and log into Steam, a PC game platform. Other DRM programs work in a similar way. However, Steam has an offline mode that you can use if you don't have a consistent Internet connection. Initially, you will need Internet access to register the game.
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Can I play Purrfect Date without a virtual reality set (VR)?
VR is NOT needed in order to play Purrfect Date.
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Can I download or transfer the game to a different PC if I decide to upgrade my PC later?
You need download or install Steam to your new PC and download Purrfect Date. You need to have previously activated the code.
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Concerning the digital codes, what happens if I formatted the HDD/SSD or get a new one? Can I re-download Purrfect Date from Steam? Will there be any problems?
Yes, you can easily re-download the game. Log into Steam, find the game and download it again.
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Is Purrfect Date a digital download or a boxed game?
The disk is not needed to play the game. You'll be able to play the game as long as you have registered it and downloaded it on Steam.
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Will Purrfect Date require a Steam account on PC?
First, make sure that Steam is downloaded. This ensures that the game can be downloaded from your library. Please review the Activation for Instruction tab for more information.
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How do I know which operating platform my PC runs? I don't want to buy the wrong software.
By checking the Control Panel, you can see which version of Windows you are running.
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I haven't played a Purrfect Date game for a long time. I see reviewers saying that they have to download Steam. What is Steam and why do I have to download it?
Steam is a DRM system. It likely saves them time and money by download game on the Internet.
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My laptop runs somewhere between the minimum and recommended PC settings, but definitely closer to minimum. Is Purrfect Date still worth buying?
It will work, but there will be a decreased quality of graphics and the game will appear less detailed.
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Is this game for Xbox 360?
No, Purrfect Date is a game distributed on Steam.
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Is this game for Xbox One?
No, Purrfect Date is a game distributed on PC.
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Is Purrfect Date the newest version of the game?
You will recieve the newest version of the game as long as you do not already own it.
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When was Purrfect Date released?
It was released: 12/14/2017 4:00:00 PM
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Can you only send the key for activation on Steam?
Yes, you will recieve the game code immediately.
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Can I give the code to a friend as a gift?
Yes, you just need to give someone the code.
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Can I play it on tablet, or is it PC only?
This is not a tablet (Android) game.
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What if the code does not work on Steam client?
Log in to your account and use the Start Dispute option to explain the problem.
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