Grand Theft Auto Online: The Whale Shark Cash Card Rockstar 3 PC 3 500 000 Rockstar

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Type: Points Add-On

Region: GLOBAL

Platform: Rockstar Check activation: Rockstar

Languages: English

This product is available in only English language(s).

This is a restricted product and it cannot be activated and played in , China, People's Republic of, China, People's Republic of.

The activation key will provide you subscription for 3 PC.

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keyDigital key (CD-KEY)
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In order to activate your key:Visit in to the Rockstar Games Social Club account used to play Grand Theft Auto V. Enter your Rockstar Code. After redemption, your Shark Cash Card will be automatically credited to your account the next time you enter Grand Theft Auto Online.The content activated by this code is available only on PC version of the game.

Rockstar platform offers you a possibility to buy in-game money with your real-life currency, thus allowing you to become rich in the world of the game, in a relatively short amount of time. However, you probably want to know how much does 3 500 000 $ means in the world of GTA.

Let's put this in numbers, in general, an average player can earn between 50 000 $ - 100 000$ per "day" which equals to about 50 minutes in the real time. In other words, you need more than 30 hours of constant playing to earn 3.5 million.

Now, do you see how much this card gives to you? Make your friends jealous by buying tons of good stuff like Penthouse Suite in the Eclipse Towers. It is a really beautiful apartment.

While costs of various buildings and cars might be huge. To provide you with an example:

  • 2862 Hillcrest Avenue - $705,000
  • 2044 North Conker Avenue - $762,000
  • 3655 Wild Oats Drive - $800,000

Quite a lot, isn't it? The situation is even more interesting with cars. Grotti X80 Proto costs $2 700 000. Nagasaki Shotaro the most expensive motorcycle costs $2 225 000. As you can see it is quite a lot of money. Here, the The Whale Shark Cash Card Code comes at hand. With this, you will be able to buy Grotti X80 Proto and a mansion. Show everyone who is the boss in the Los Santos.


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