General questions:

What should I do if my order status is on hold?
Why is the code invalid?
Support Team

If the code ends up being invalid, it is commonly because it was not recognized by the DRM platform (Steam, Origin etc.) due to the fact they are case sensitive. To avoid this, please copy and paste the code. Also, we recommend retyping the code on a notepad,using a bigger font to identify letter O from number 0. If the issue persists,please contact our support team by login to your account ->"; click member icon on menu right side -> select Orders -> Order ID ->" Start Dispute

How long till a get a refund?
Support Team

A refund from the balance order should be available in about a few minutes, once the request is accepted.

Why should I buy codes from MINTkeys.com?
Support Team

Since MINTKeys.com does not use boxes nor DVDs and is purely selling digital products,transactions are way faster and with no shipping cost. Also, within just a few minutes after the purchase, you will receive a fully legitimate, digital activation code through your email. Now, all you need to do is to follow the product activation details and make sure to enter the code on the right platform(Steam, Origin, Blizzard app etc.).

Are all basic settlements in USD?
Support Team

For available pricing and payout methods, please check below: Region, language, platform, or any other restrictions on the product page.

Why do I keep getting an error “key already used”?
Support Team

Please double-check your game library, as some platforms may show this error even after successfully adding the game. Also, if you have DCL, it might still allow you to activate the product even without having the base game itself and this will not be visible on your library. If this is not the case for you, kindly contact us (Order details -> Start Dispute).

How can I pay?
Support Team

Available payment methods will be visible upon check-out and the options will vary depends on your region and the chosen currency.

How do I check the key that I bought?
Support Team

You can see them in your inbox or you can check in the SPAM folder as well, as all products are delivered through your email address.

What does VAT Regulation mean for Sellers?
Support Team

Buyers will get a VAT/GST charge and as well as the commission for selling a product on MINTKeys.com based on location.

When will I get my fund after sales?
Support Team

The rough estimated for a payout is 14 business days. This may vary depends on the type of your Merchant account you have.

Are all the low prices legit?
Support Team

Please be assured that our Sellers go into a thorough verification process, to ensure their capability to offer a competitive and legitimate product. We reserve rights to check the code validation before it will be sell.

What does US, EU, and EMEA stands for?
Support Team

US is United States, EU is European Union, RU is Russia and EMEA is Europe, Middle East, & Africa. Those products that have that specification, are restricted to be used in specified region only. While “Global”/"Region Free" indicates that it can be activated Worldwide. Please be advised that browsing for products can be filtered by Regions.

How can I start selling?