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As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape!


  • Tame, train and ride dinosaurs in a living ecosystem

  • You must eat and drink to survive, with different kinds of plants & meat having different nutritional properties, including human meat. Ensuring a supply of fresh water to your home and inventory is a pressing concern. All physical actions come at a cost of food and water, long-distance travel is fraught with subsistence peril! Inventory weight makes you move slower, and the day/night cycle along with randomized weather patterns add another layer of challenge by altering the temperature of the environment, causing you to hunger or thirst more quickly.

  • Build a fire or shelter, and craft a large variety of customizable clothing & armors, to help protect yourself against locational damage & extreme temperatures using the dynamic indoor/outdoor insulation calculation system.

  • Tend to your crops and they will grow to produce delicious and rare fruits, which can also be used to cook a plethora of logical recipes and make useful tonics!

  • Explore to find the rarest of plant seeds that have the most powerful properties! Vegetarians & vegans can flourish, and it will be possible to master and conquer the ARK in a non-violent manner!

  • By bringing sufficient rare sacrificial items to special Summon locations, you can capture the attention of the one of the ARK’s god-like mythical creatures, who will arrive for battle.

  • Create a Tribe and add your friends to it, and all your Pets can be commanded by and allied to anyone in your Tribe.

You are in the right place! Please try to compare the prices prior to any purchase, to secure the best offer. Before you download ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One, you have to redeem it first! Follow the instruction and put the CD Key in the right place. Please note, most codes are case sensitive.
ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One is available on XBOX ONE, so you can easily find the Activation tab where provided more details about redemption code. Since this is a console game, you just need to login to your account or turn on your console, input the token and your game will be automatically added to your library}. Please note, ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One has region-locked can only be activated on specified country(-es): Region free, or if you have your own VPN client. Go, get a bargain! Subscription codes are often sold more expensive than their value. This token will fill up your account with . The subscription coupon is an excellent idea for a gift! Your friend will be happy to use it for buy any games on XBOX ONE, especially that often of them have a discount! You can now top up your account on XBOX ONE without leaving home. You can activate CD Key any time and extend your games library now!
ARK: Survival Evolved
  • English
Region free
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XBOX ONE/360 Codes Activation
  • 01

    Redeeming a gift card or code through online is the easiest way. Sign in to with your Microsoft account, enter the 25-character code, and then select on the Next button.

    Activate a Product on Microsoft
  • 02

    Go to the Xbox website: (Website, do not redeem code on Xbox platform).

  • 03

    Log in with your existing account in the log in page of Xbox (create one if you don't have).

    Activate a Product on Microsoft
  • 04

    Find over your account link (on the top right of the webpage).

    Activate a Product on Microsoft
  • 05

    Click on Redeem Code button after a menu will appear.

  • 06

    Click on Redeem on the next page.

  • 07

    Type in the code and click on Confirm button.

  • 08

    Associate your code with your account by clicking confirm again.

XBOX ONE/360 Codes Activation on Console
  • 01

    Ensure that you're already signed in with your Microsoft account on your Xbox One console before proceeding to the next step.

  • 02

    Scroll right to the Store from the Home screen.

  • 03

    Scroll down and click on "Use a code"

  • 04

    There will be instructions visible on the screen, follow it to redeem your gift card or serial code.

Other method on console
  • 01

    Just say "Xbox, use a code."

  • 02

    A list of instructions will pop up on the screen, just carefully follow it to redeem your gift card or code.

Can I redeem the code in France? Is the game global, or is it only for the United States?
Worldwide game downloads. If you have Internet access(for redemption and download), you can use the code .
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Is ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One a full game or is it just extra content?
It is the full game. Extra content would be called an "expansion pack", a "game pack" or a "stuff pack".
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Does ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One include English language?
Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One does support English language.
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I have no Internet at my house. Can I play ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One game without it?
To play the game, it is necessary to download and log into Xbox One, a Xbox One game platform. Other DRM programs work in a similar way. However, Xbox One has an offline mode that you can use if you don't have a consistent Internet connection. Initially, you will need Internet access to register the game.
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Can I play ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One without a virtual reality set (VR)?
VR is NOT needed in order to play ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One.
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Is ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One a 2 player game?
It is a multiplayer game.
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Can I download ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One to more than one Xbox One or laptop?
You need download or install Xbox One to your new Xbox One and download ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One. You need to have previously activated the code.
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Concerning the digital codes, what happens if I formatted the HDD/SSD or get a new one? Can I re-download ARK: Survival Evolved from Xbox One? Will there be any problems?
The game is locked to your Xbox One account. However, the game is not locked to your Xbox One and you can download it on as many different Xbox One as you like. You cannot run the game on two different Xbox One at the same time.
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Is the ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One physical version a full physical disk install?
No, you will not need it. This is digital item.
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Is this game for Xbox 360?
No, ARK: Survival Evolved is a game distributed on Xbox One.
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Is this game for Xbox One?
Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved is for Xbox One console.
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Is ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One the newest version of the game?
You will recieve the newest version of the game as long as you do not already own it.
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When was ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX One released?
It was released: 6/1/2015 4:00:00 PM
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Where is the game code? I just bought it.
The code should be emailed to you as soon as the transaction is complete.
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Can I buy this as a gift for someone?
Yes, you just need to give someone the code.
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Can I play it on tablet, or is it Xbox One only?
This is not a tablet (Android) game.
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What if the code does not work on Xbox One client?
Log in to your account and use the Start Dispute option to explain the problem.
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